Management of Business Administration


I extend my warmest greetings to each one of you. The MBA department holds a special place in our academic community, representing a dynamic hub of knowledge, innovation, and leadership. Together, we form a community dedicated to fostering academic excellence, professional growth, and a spirit of inquiry.

Our mission is clear: to prepare our students for the challenges and opportunities of the ever-evolving business landscape. We are not just educators; we are architects of futures, shaping the next generation of business leaders. Each lecture, discussion, and project contributes to this noble endeavor.

In the pursuit of excellence, collaboration is key. Let us continue to work together, leveraging our diverse skills and experiences, to create an environment that nurtures creativity, critical thinking, and ethical decision-making. As we face the complexities of the business world, let us instill in our students the values of integrity, resilience, and a global perspective.

Program Objectives

  • PO1 - :Ability to effectively communicate, exhibit, analyze, synthesize, and apply knowledge of management principles and frameworks and related disciplines to the resolution of difficult business problems in the actual world.
  • PO2 -Ability to identify, formulate, and offer creative frameworks for solutions to actual, complicated corporate and social problems by methodically using contemporary quantitative and qualitative problem-solving tools and approaches.
  • PO3 -Facility to transform composite production scenarios and present-day issues into problems, explore, recognize and propose included solutions using rising technologies.
  • PO3- Students will be able to lead themselves and others in achieving organizational goals and maximizing outcomes for all stakeholders. They will also be able to work within and across organizational boundaries. They will be able to evaluate how managerial choices and company agendas affect societal, economic, and environmental elements. They will also be able to demonstrate knowledge of sustainable development and the need for it.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOS):

  • PSO1 - the capacity to function autonomously in an entirely different context, to pick up new knowledge and abilities and integrate them into existing ones.
  • PSO2 - Develop in the pupils a strong moral code and ethical behaviour to effect positive change in the workplace, the economy, and society. This will set them up for a successful corporate career. Utilize your understanding of management principles to address challenging business issues with the resources at hand.
  • PSO3 -An ability to adapt to dynamic changes in an environment with an understanding of societal and ecological issues relevant to professional managerial practice through life-long learning.


2 years


The candidate will need to hold a Bachelor’s degree which should be at least three years duration from a recognized institute.


Candidates have to secure a minimum of 50% marks (for SC/ST category- 45% marks) in the qualification examination.


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