Meet Rajnish Bansal
Chairman, Himalayan Group of Professional Institutions

Today colleges and universities are facing changing student demographics, issues of quality and value, and increased competition. Their success requires transformative change to enable new teaching and learning approaches. As higher education is rapidly evolving, Himalayan Group of Professional Institutions is at the cutting edge of the movement. We are competing boldly and taking new paths—yet staying grounded in our mission of delivering quality education, building teaching excellence, introducing innovative study programs, customizing and updating our course content to match the industry requirements, setting records in placement, research, and consultancy.

A creative and inventive culture, nurtured by our faculty, students, and staff, is transforming how we train our students and help them to strengthen their future prospects. In developing Himalayan Group, we have partnered with leaders in the corporate sector and research organizations of the country, for training and placements of our students. We are leveraging these creative partnerships to stretch our boundaries of excellence collaboration, innovation, and the creation of skills, across numerous disciplinary fronts. The deep integration of technology in learning has made learning mobile and self-directed. The ultimate goal of learning is critical thinking, generating work skills, communication, creativity, collaboration, character, education, and citizenship, and technology is assisting in a big way in accelerating these ideals and making learning irresistibly engaging.

For students, the experience of being at Himalayan Group of Professional Institutions is rich and diverse. Our academic programs are of high quality and geared towards industry requirements. Our initiative expands to all-round knowledge. Our curriculum and pedagogy include certain ideological inputs, behavioral content, and team-building aspects, for the enhancement of hard and soft skills amongst the students. Our aim is to provide the best possible environment for teaching, learning, and research to the diverse pool of young talent. The kind of resourcefulness and creativity that has become the hallmark of Himalayan Group of Professional Institutions gives me immense pride in this institution, in the people who learn and work here, and in those who support our mission.

Whether you are part of our Himalayan Group Community, or in the process of joining us — through study programs or research — I am proud to welcome you to our vibrant campus.