LL.B (Intake – 120)

Programme Outcomes (POs) are attributes of the graduates of the programme that are indicative of the graduate’s ability and competence to work as a legal professional upon graduation. Programme Outcomes are statements that describe what students are expected to know or be able to do by the time of graduation. They must relate to knowledge and skills that the students acquire from the programme. The achievement of all outcomes indicates that the student is well prepared to achieve the programme educational objectives down the road. The following 10 POs have been chosen by the Himachal Pradesh College of Law, Kala- Amb. The curriculum of LL.B. at Himachal Pradesh College of Law, Kala Amb, has been designed to fully meet all the 10 Programme Outcomes:

Program Objectives

  • PO1 Grasp and apply theoretical and practical legal knowledge in the profession. (Legal Knowledge)
  • PO2 Conduct research on legal topics and questions using legal resources, like statutes, case laws, journal articles, etc. (Research Ability)
  • PO3 Demonstrate thorough knowledge of crime scene investigation, FIR, enforcement agencies used in criminal investigation, and thorough knowledge of procedures of civil suits and limitation for filing various suits. (Knowledge of Procedural Laws)
  • PO4 Apply the understanding of Public International Law in analysing the geo-politico-environmental issues. (Analytical Ability)
  • PO5 Demonstrate knowledge of specific aspects of Intellectual Property Law that is relevant to the modern corporate jurisprudence. (Industry Ready)
  • PO6 Understand the impact of legal actions in the societal and environmental contexts, and demonstrate the knowledge of, and the need for, sustainable developments. (Environment and sustainability)
  • PO7 Develop a sense of social responsibility and commitment, and work on various socio-legal issues. (Social Responsibility)
  • PO8 Apply the diverse knowledge of law to prepare for higher research degree with clarity of purpose. (Higher Education)
  • PO9 Demonstrate ethical principles and commit to professional ethics and responsibilities and contribute towards setting the higher norms of legal practice. (Ethics)
  • PO10 Develop and demonstrate legal reasoning skills and apply them during the programme & in legal practice. (Reasoning Skills)

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOS):

The Programme Specific Outcomes (PSOs) are specific statements that describe what graduates are expected to learn, and be able to perform in a specialised area of discipline, upon graduation from a programme. The PSOs of Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) programme are as follows:

  • PSO1 -Himachal Pradesh College of Law, Kala- Amb LL.B. graduates will be prepared to contribute effectively in the areas of constitutional law, civil law, criminal law, international law, corporate law, labour law and environmental law.
  • PSO2 - Himachal Pradesh College of Law , Kala- Amb, LL.B. graduates will be inculcated traits of analytical thinking, lifelong learning, human values and professional ethics.


2 years (After10+2)


Category - General

Passed graduation with minimum of 45% and Should not complete the age of 26 in case of boys and 28 Years in case of girls as of 1 July 2023

Category - SC/ST

Passed graduation with minimum of 40% and Should not complete the age of 29 as of 1 July 2023


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