Bachelor of Computer Applications

Bachelor of Computer Applications (Intake – 120)

B.Tech Computer Science & Engineering is a four-year full-time course that helps the students attain in-depth knowledge of modern computer technologies that make them capable to provide solutions of problems through computer programming. B.Tech in Computer Engineering is one of the emerging fields which consist of a set of tools and techniques used to extract useful information from data.

Program Objectives

  • PO1 - Computational Information:Appreciate and apply mathematical organization, computing and domain information for the conceptualization of computing models from clear harms.
  • PO2 - Difficulty Analysis: Talent to classify, significantly evaluate and prepare complex computing problems using fundamentals of computer knowledge and request domains.
  • PO3 - Drawing / Improvement of Solutions: Facility to transform composite production scenarios and present-day issues into problems, explore, recognize and propose included solutions using rising technologies.
  • PO4 - Accomplish Investigations of Compound Computing Troubles: Ability to invent and ways experiments interpret data and present well up to date conclusions.
  • PO5 - Current Implement Procedure: Skill to select recent computing tools, skills and techniques compulsory for original software solutions.
  • PO6 - Proficient Principles: Facility to apply and give expert principles and cyber systems in a universal monetary situation.
  • PO7 - Ultimate Education: Identify the need for and enlarge the ability to appoint in permanent education as a Computing qualified.
  • PO8 - Mission Administration: Skill to recognize administration and computing philosophy with computing acquaintance to supervise projects in multidisciplinary environments.
  • PO9 - Announcement Usefulness: Converse successfully with the computing society as well as culture by being able to know successful documentations and presentations.
  • PO10 - Public & Ecological Alarm: Ability to make out cost-effective, green, public, fitness, authorized, moral issues concerned in the use of processor expertise and other significant tasks applicable to qualified observers.
  • PO11 - Personality & Group Job: Ability to job as a part or manager in various teams in multidisciplinary situations.
  • PO12 - Modernization and Private Enterprise: Classify opportunities, private enterprise dream and use of original thoughts to build worth and means for the betterment of the human being and the world.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOS):

  • PSO1 - An ability to enhance the application of knowledge of theory subjects in diverse fields.
  • PSO2 - Develop language proficiency to handle corporate communication demands.
  • PSO3 - Preparing students in various disciplines of technologies such as computer applications, computer networking, software engineering, JAVA, database concepts and programming.
  • PSO4 - In order to enhance programming skills of the young IT professionals, the concept of project development in using the technologies learnt during the semester has been introduced.
  • PSO5 - To enhance knowledge in robotics, provide experimental hardware equipment for teaching the basics of robotics, robot dynamics and control, and robot system design and application.
  • PSO6 - To enhance logical ability and programming concepts by implementing programming lab.
  • PSO7 - Preparing students for future aspects by building and improving their creativity, social awareness, and general knowledge.
  • PSO8 - Encouraging students to convert their start-up idea to reality by implementing.
  • PSO9 - Ability to understand the changes or future trends in the field of computer application.
  • PSO10 - Ability to identify, formulate, analyse and solve problems of programming using different languages.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

  • PEO1: The student should be able to communicate the technical information both orally and in writing professionally.
  • PEO2: Create, select, adapt and apply suitable tools and technologies to a wide range of computational activities.
  • PEO3: Acquire necessary knowledge of technical, scientific as well as basic managerial and financial procedures to analyze and solve real world problems within their work domain.
  • PEO4: Clarity on both conceptual and application oriented skills in commerce, finance & accounting and it applications in business context.
  • PEO5: Must be able to provide technical support for various software applications.
  • PEO6: Ability to analyze research and investigate complex computing problems through design of experiments, analysis and interpretation of data and synthesis of the information to arrive at valid conclusions.
  • PEO7: Apply the knowledge gained in core courses to a broad range of advanced topics in computer science, to learn and develop sophisticated technical products independently.
  • PEO8: Awareness on ethics, values, sustainability and creativity aspects of technical solutions.


3 years


Plus two examination under 10+2 system or examination equivalent thereto of a Board/ University established by law in India with English as compulsory subject with 55% marks (50% marks in case of SC/ST.


Any examination of a University/Board/College or School in foreign country recognized as equivalent for the above purpose by the Vice-Chancellor/Equivalence Committee of its own or on recommendation of Association of Indian Universities with English as compulsory subject with 55% (50% marks in case of SC/ST)


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